Lamnax provides its customers with advanced options for their packaging processes.

The semi-automatic EasyPack system is a highly efficient packaging solution that utilizes manually formed cardboard boxes. The system encompasses functions for insertion, filling, sealing, and box output, enabling rapid and precise product packaging.

It offers a wide range of advanced features that encompass the entire process, enabling enhanced efficiency and precision in the product packaging process.

Discovering Its Inner Functioning

Once the boxes are properly positioned, the automated robotic filling system is activated, placing the product inside the boxes precisely, consistently, and uniformly. After filling, the automatic sealing system is engaged to close and seal the boxes accurately and securely, ensuring that the product remains protected within during transportation.

Optionally, the EasyPack system can be equipped with digital controls to verify the integrity of each mosaic sheet. These digital controls can be conducted using technologies such as computer vision and detection sensors to ensure that each box has been properly filled and that the product inside remains intact and free from defects or damages. The system can also be equipped with variable printing systems to customize the boxes with product information or other necessary details for tracking and management purposes.

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