Project Description


The STICKING MACHINE M system involves the use of mono-component polyurethane adhesive with high crosslinking speed only in contact with air. Thanks to this feature, the system does not require any type of drying device.

The STICKING MACHINE system guarantees:

The possibility of checking and dosing the correct quantity of adhesive to be used, elimination of various types of back support generally used such as kraft paper fiberglass (aligning with their operating costs) a greater free surface on the back of the tesserae for better adhesion with the various cementitious materials , particular elasticity of the adhesive allows an excellent manipulation on site with a consequent reduction of the laying times, excellent adhesive thermal resistance, low production costs and high productivity, Unlike the EASY STICK system, this system works with mosaic tiles placed inside the tray with beautiful face downwards.

The productivity of this system is 10 sheets per minute with tiles of average size 20×20 mm. This system is very versatile, it can glue through small sections of adhesive or small continuous beads of glue. It can glue elements of any shape and even shapes of different sizes placed inside the same containment tray.

Particularly suitable for productions with frequent format change.