Easy Stick

This fully automatic machine enables high performance at low cost, particularly suitable for mass productions with minimal format variations.

Complementary to our FLEXICORD technology

The EASY STICK system is a highly productive and modular robotic system for mosaic tile gluing. It utilizes our FLEXICORD technology, a fast-curing polyurethane adhesive that only requires exposure to ambient humidity and doesn't need additional drying devices.

Discovering Its Inner Functioning

The system operates with mosaic tiles placed within trays, with the front side facing upwards. It is fed through individual plastic trays, both traditional and Lamnax's newly designed trays, which can be loaded manually, automatically, or in a mixed manner. The mosaic tile dimensions range from 2×2 cm to 10×10 cm, including special shapes such as rectangles and hexagons.

Format change is swift, and the system enables digital adjustments of dimensions, glue line thickness, as well as individual length for each dispensing line. Production begins immediately at the start of the shift. No maintenance is required during working hours.

The minimum required space is 20 square meters, and the system seamlessly integrates into the Lamnax ALL IN ONE system.

Unleash FLEXICORD's Unique Benefits

Furthermore, thanks to the use of FLEXICORD technology, a larger free surface area is achieved on the backside of the tiles. This ensures both excellent mechanical and elastic adhesive bonding for more efficient handling of the mosaic sheet. Once applied, the adhesive withstands temperature changes between -20°C and +70°C. The EASY STICK gluing systems have enhanced and addressed many of the critical aspects of traditional systems, enhancing the technical features of the end product and installation productivity.

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